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Our Process

Our Process

The Ztek Edge is made up of 6 key components. ? These include:

We recognize that success begins and ends with the client, which is why our approach to staffing and recruiting is built around this basic yet vital premise. ? Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager who will act as the primary point of contact with that client. ? Ztek’s Account Managers strive to understand the technical and functional requirements for each request as well as the nuances of each clients corporate culture in order to make sure that candidates and consultants are the best fit possible.

We recognize that every organization is unique and has it’s own established recruiting and hiring processes. ? Our goal is to fit seamlessly into your existing ecosystem in order to add greater value to the process, not greater confusion.

A Basic 3-Step Process

While it differs from client-to-client, this process generally looks something like this:


Once on board, a seasoned, dedicated Account Manager is assigned to work with you and will have already begun to coordinate with senior team members to understand your business and immediate needs. ? Based upon this review, considering the position’s technical requirements and the personality fit that’s right for your corporate culture. the Account Manager will develop a model profile for the person(s) your looking for.

Next, tapping into their extensive knowledge base of highly skilled candidates, the Account Manager will work in conjunction with a dedicated team of our recruiters to coordinate a focused search based upon this model profile. ? From this, depending upon the existence of a subsequent interview schedule, the Account Manager will present a vetted short list of the top 3-5 candidates for review. ? The Account Manager will then assist internal recruiting personnel to schedule initial interviews and coordinate with candidates to the extent requested.

Lastly, once the initial interviews are complete, you decide which of the candidates you would like to meet again and we schedule more in-depth, follow-up interviews including face to face meetings. ? The Account Manager will continue to be as hands-on as desired right on through the offer and? on-boarding? process. ? It’s completely up to you.

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