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Our Tools

Our Tools

The Ztek Edge is made up of 6 key components. ? These include:

In addition to utilizing the most effective commercial sourcing tools available, a hallmark of Ztek’s success has been it’s ability to build and utilize proprietary candidate sourcing and management. ? Over the years, we’ve listened to clients and continued to deploy an array of robust applications that allow us to identify the very best talent available for your specific needs, timing and budget.

Of course, we recognize that there is no tool that can take the place of common sense and time-tested reasoning. ? Perhaps that’s why we continue to rely upon our ever-expanding team of seasoned professionals who personally interview, score and report on every candidate prior to submitting them for internal review before being presented to the client.

Are your current vendors getting the job done? ? We can do it better. ? Contact us now and we demonstrate precisely why our recruiting and staffing solutions have a 96% repeat or referral rate since inception.