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For HR and Hiring Managers

Hiring Mistakes Employers Make – Part 4

The following is part 4 in our continuing series highlighting the most common mistakes that employers and their hiring managers often make and recommendations on what to do differently in order to avoid them.? View the previous articles here:? Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 Hiring Mistake - The Process of Elimination Approach Once companies begin searching for their next key hire, their focus often starts off on the wrong foot by relying upon a process that begins by eliminating those who don’t … [Read more...]

The Most Common Hiring Mistakes Employers Make (Part 3)

The following is the third in a series of blog posts about the most common hiring mistakes that employers make and some suggestions on how to avoid them.? You can find the previous articles here: Part 1? Part 2 Mistake - Allowing Urgency to win the battle with Common Sense This is probably the most common and, certainly, the most understandable hiring mistake. Most experienced managers have made this mistake, often with good reason. Does this scenario sound familiar? An employee resigns … [Read more...]

Most Common Hiring Mistakes – 2

(the following is a continuing series highlighting the most common errors that employers make when recruiting and hiring employees.? You can read Part 1 here.) Hiring Mistake - Hiring for skills rather than attitude.? Skills and knowledge are worthless when not put to use.? Experience is useless when not shared with others.? The smaller your business the more likely you are to be an expert in your field; transferring those skills to others is relatively easy.? But you can't train … [Read more...]

The Most Common Hiring Mistakes Employers Make and How Avoid Them

Anyone who’s taken the time to review and understand some of the reports produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has something you do not – a realization that for every good hire you bring in, there are 2 more that just won’t cut it.? How can this be?? Simple: about 95% of the time, candidates will embellish or exaggerate in an effort to win the job. As the job market continues to see improvement, a growing number of people who are seeking work are out in full force with renewed … [Read more...]

The Ongoing Talent War

Perhaps you haven't really noticed, but there's a war going on right this very moment. ? It's not politically motivated nor is it driven by conflicting ideologies. ? It's a war over talent, and like any war, to the victor go the spoils. ? A recently published article by Investors Business Daily (IBD) highlighted just how widespread the desire to identify, attract, recruit and hire the best and the brightest has become. Of course, it's no surprise that there are small regions around the … [Read more...]