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Ztek Consulting is among the fastest growing and most well respected recruiting and staffing firms in the US. We specialize in IT, Risk, Finance & Accounting and Business Process Optimization professionals. We deliver based upon each client's specific needs and time frame, providing Permanent Recruiting, Contract-to-Hire and contract-only recruiting and staffing solutions.

Job Hunting and Social Networks – Some tips on protecting yourself from…yourself

If you're currently an active job hunter or thinking about becoming one, the recent news about employers and their interest in your Facebook Password has recharged the overall interest in protecting yourself against losing out on an opportunity because of an errant Facebook Status update.? So, here are a few things you can do to minimize your risk. Just like mom used to say, "A little common sense goes a long way."? In short, use your head. 3 Easy Steps to Protect Yourself Step 1: … [Read more...]

Ztek Tips – Dressing for the Interview

The following is a continuing series of tips for job hunters and those considering a change. If you have ideas for a future article, drop us a line in the comments section or use the contact form found at the Contact Us page. ? Possibly even more stressful than the questions you are going to have to answer, you are going to have to find the perfect outfit to wear to a job interview. You want to look professional and like you are going to fit in with the company. A good rule of thumb for men … [Read more...]

Ztek Tips – Make a Connection

Depending on how popular or sought after the job you are interviewing for is you will have a lot of competition for a few positions. A stellar interview is crucial to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. To give yourself an added edge and cement yourself in your interviewer’s mind, try to make a personal connection with them at some point in the interview.       A personal connection can take numerous forms. If you are in the interviewer’s office and they … [Read more...]

Ztek Tips – Know what Your References are Going to Say about You

Perhaps it goes without saying, but it can never be said often enough.? Before attending an interview, you should have your references lined-up and ready to give to the interviewer when asked.? More than just writing down names and phone numbers of previous employers and bosses, you need to do additional preparation? as well. Finding out how a former employer views you and your work history with them is vital before handing hat information over to a potential employer.? Even if your … [Read more...]

Employers, Social Networks and Your Privacy – What’s Allowed, What’s Not and What’s Up In the Air?

Over the past month or so, news outlets and the blogosphere have been bursting at the seams with stories of potential employers asking applicants for their Facebook passwords.? ? The issue first made headlines back on March 6th when Bob Sullivan broke the news on the MSNBC Red Tape Blog.? The story was quickly picked up and a follow-up published the same day by Time Magazine's Kayla Webley and the San Francisco Chronicle's Kathleen Pender. The story was picked up by the Drudge Report and … [Read more...]