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The Ongoing Talent War

The Ongoing Talent War

Perhaps you haven’t really noticed, but there’s a war going on right this very moment. ? It’s not politically motivated nor is it driven by conflicting ideologies. ? It’s a war over talent, and like any war, to the victor go the spoils. ? A recently published article by Investors Business Daily (IBD) highlighted just how widespread the desire to identify, attract, recruit and hire the best and the brightest has become.

Of course, it’s no surprise that there are small regions around the country where this has been an ongoing issue, California’s Tech-heavy Silicon Valley being the most commonly referenced location where internet giants such as Facebook and Google routinely make headlines for stealing away key employees from one another. ? But according to software maker, Taleo’s General Manager for Talent Management Products, James Harvey, the struggle to recruit great employees is much larger and more widespread than most people realize.

Harvey states, “The war is around critical skills and knowledge workers. We see it in technology, but it’s literally in every single industry. In health care, it’s critical care nurses. In financial services, it’s actuaries, the people who are pricing the different products that are coming out — there are just not enough people who are graduating with actuarial backgrounds.”

And while media reports routinely report about excessively high unemployment rates, Harvey provides perspective that may ease those who are seeking work. ? “The unemployment rate for people with a B.A. degree is (only) 4.2%. Companies out there are starting to use this kind of data analysis (produced by talent management software) to get a competitive advantage to keep their knowledge workers, particularly the high-performance workers they already have, and to get smarter about where to go to find more of them.”

What’s driving all of this? ? Well, for starters, we’re seeing the results of a shift that began back when Smart Phones were first introduced into the marketplace. ? As ownership and use of these devices along with tablet computers such as Apple’s iPads(tm) have become an almost ubiquitous subsitute for the traditional PC, the need to write code, develop advertising and, most importantly understand the data the use of all of these devices are generating is creating entirely new cottage industries.

Additionally, with the increased move to large enterprise ERP systems from companies like SAP and Oracle, organizations are better positioned to capture data about their people, but dont’ necessarily have the ability to make proper use of it. ? Harvey adds,? ? “The payroll system knows how many dependents you have, your benefit selection and what you should be paid. But organizations know more about their laptops than they do about their people. And that led to us doing the first set of research with HCI in 2010, to examine that problem in more detail.”

So, what does this all mean? ? Well, it depends… ?

For Employers, it means having the ability to identify potential employees faster may ultimately mean the difference between long term success and failure. ? Translation: employers need to examine how they currently source employees and determine if how it’s always been done will continue to work going forward. ? Investment in software or engaging third party recruiting firms who specialize is another option, one that companies may be resistant to initially, but find more efficient and effective over the long term.

For employees, it means that depending upon your particular skills, there are opportunities for you to advance. ? Just like companies are investing for the future, it may mean investing in your own education, learning new skills and evaluating the direction you want your career to take you.

In the end, just like in any war, there will be winners and there will be losers. ? Which side you end up on ultimately depends upon how prepared you are for battle and how decisive you are in your effort to win.


To read the entire IBD article, you can find it HERE

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