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Most Common Hiring Mistakes – 2

Most Common Hiring Mistakes – 2

(the following is a continuing series highlighting the most common errors that employers make when recruiting and hiring employees.? You can read Part 1 here.)

Hiring Mistake – Hiring for skills rather than attitude.? Skills and knowledge are worthless when not put to use.? Experience is useless when not shared with others.? The smaller your business the more likely you are to be an expert in your field; transferring those skills to others is relatively easy.? But you can’t train enthusiasm, a solid work ethic, and great interpersonal skills — and those traits can matter a lot more than any skills a candidate brings. (According to this Leadership IQ study, only 11% of new hires fail in the first eighteen months due to technical skill deficiencies.)

How to avoid this: When in doubt, always hire for attitude.? A candidate who lacks certain hard skills is cause for concern, but skills can be learned and/or trained.? On the other hand, a candidate who lacks interpersonal skills is a giant red flag.


How much difference does attitude make?? Here’s an interesting take by well-known author and speaker, Zig Zigler.

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