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Our Services

Our Services


At Ztek, we offer a number of different professional staffing and recruiting solutions to address the diversity of each client’s situation:

Easily the most popular alternatives to recruiting a full-time employee, Ztek’s Contract Staffing Recruiting services have been a core business since we began.? Flexible and agile, Ztek can engage resources on your behalf in a variety of ways, including W-2 employment, 1099 independent contracting or even corp-to-corp consulting. ? The goal is to provide the consultant with the best options available in order to present you – the client, with the same.? Therefore, each of our W-2 consultants is eligible for our contractor benefits including health and dental insurance and our 401k.

Concerned that you’ll become too dependent upon a contract consultant?? Don’t be.? Go ahead and hire them!? We recognize how difficult can be to find diligent, thoughtful and hard-working people who understand your environment and fit well with your company’s long-term business plans. ? As a result, Ztek offers its clients a flexible staffing option that allows them to hire our contract consultants directly at any time during the relationship.? Ztek provides each client with a sliding contingent fee scale to ensure there’s no penalty for “trying before you buy”. ? This? Contract-to-Hire arrangement allows both sides to ensure the opportunity is an ideal, long-term fit from both a technical and personal perspective.

At Ztek, we understand that not everyone is open to contract employment, and that some clients and candidates are only seeking Permanent roles.? In this case, Ztek has a permanent placement option where the client company is assessed a competitive fee that includes a 100% client satisfaction guarantee.? Our clients love this, which is why Ztek routinely makes more than 150 permanent placements annually.

For higher-volume clients looking for a more manageable solution to recruiting, Ztek offers a range of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions.? Working together, Ztek will meet with senior management and jointly craft a transition plan allowing Ztek to assume some or all of the major recruiting functions for your company.? Ztek will provide you with dedicated recruiting teams with a mix of technical and functional expertise to ensure you are able to attract the key personnel you require to continue building your business.

Utilizing our RPO solutions, Ztek’s team of recruiters would serve as an extension of your Human Resources department, assuming the primary responsibilities involved in the hiring process such as sourcing, pre-screening and the qualifying of all candidates, testing and assessments as well as certain payroll and billing.? Ztek will also provide routine reporting and tracking of candidates and hiring data as well.? Throughout the process, our recruiting team works with your hiring managers directly in an effort to help forecast current and future? staffing? needs and ensure you meet any specific project requirements and deadlines.

Along with Ztek’s core staffing and recruiting services, we also offer a full range of technical solutions provided through our Offshore application development and Outsourcing Services. ? ? Leveraging our offshore development expertise, clients are able to take advantage of a suite of services that covers the entire development life cycle from Implementation and operation through Extension, Consolidation and Replacement.? As your web development needs arise, you can also take advantage of Ztek’s SOA and Web Development and Staff Augmentation services, where highly skilled SOA specialists (Microsoft and Java) are tasked with aiding client projects gone awry at a moment’s notice.? Other key Offshoring and Outsourcing services available include Application Testing and Enterprise Integration as well as Business Intelligence & Analytics Services