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Avoid the risk of bad hires with Ztek's Contract-to-Hire Option

There are a variety of reasons that you may want to explore a contract-to-hire option. ? Bringing a full-time employee into a key role is a major undertaking, which is why more and more often, companies are choosing to “Try before they Buy”. ? In contract-to-hire scenarios, Ztek recruits and interviews consultants on your behalf, eliminating the lengthy vetting process that can take weeks depending upon the number of positions you are trying to fill.

Once we have narrowed down the candidates to a manageable short-list of the top 3 candidates, we present them to you for final interviews and decision-making. ? Once on board, the selected consultant remains an Ztek employee, and Ztek assumes the costs associated with traditional employment-related costs, such as payroll, taxes and insurance. ? When and if you choose to transition the contractor into a permanent position, we make the transition fluid and seamless. ? IN the meantime, the we gradually reduce the traditional full-time placement fee for each month the contractor is kept on the payroll, ultimately eliminating the fee altogether.

What are the benefits to our Contract-to-Hire option?

  • Immediate Access to Top IT Talent? – Often, the amount of time required to hire a full-time resource extends over several weeks. ? Ztek provides immediate access to a highly-qualified, in-demand pool of contractors who know how to solve your business challenges and? mitigate any slowdown in projects or workload.
  • Transition Period? – One of the biggest obstacles clients face when working with many staffing/consulting firms is the lack of flexibility to convert a contract resource to a permanent employee in their organization. ? Upon completion of a six month contract period, Ztek’s consultants are available to our clients for permanent hire at no conversion fee.
  • Flexibility? – Our contract-to-perm option provides our clients with the added flexibility they require in order to engage the candidates they choose and gives them the power to control how they pay for services rendered.
  • Reducing the Risk of Problem Hires – Nobody bats 1,000, but the cost of striking out and hiring the wrong person can be severe. ? Ztek’s? Contract-to-perm option gives you more control in hiring the right person, so that you can confirm there’s a cultural fit as well as a good match among the candidates’ functional and technical skills.


What types of Contract-to-Perm roles can Ztek recruit for?

Information Technology (IT) Positions

Finance, Accounting and Risk Positions

Process Optimization Positions

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