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Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing

“Efficient and effective data management helps in making better decision making, reduces risk and enhances performance”

In today’s world, companies rely on data to make decisions and without this it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to grow. Information Technology is no longer considered to be a department that is viewed as a cost centre but as a profit centre. Among other department such as sales, marketing and finance

Information Technology has made its mark as a centre that can equally contribute to the company’s growth. A predominant portion of this positive attitude for information technology comes from Business Intelligence and Data warehousing. Over the past decade several BI/DW tools have emerged in the market and this has given way to competition and opportunity for companies to identify the need and customize tools that best fit them.

Business Intelligence systems provide the underlying analytical engine by focusing on the access and delivery of business information to end-users. The right data warehouse and decision support blueprint will:

  • Maximize the Value of existing Technology Resources
  • Access Vital Data needed to make Strategic Decisions
  • Transform Data into Actionable Information
  • Improve the Accuracy and Timeliness of Business and Customer Data
  • Eliminate Redundancies to improve Efficiencies
  • Discover New Data Relationships and Strategic Information using Data Mining Technologies

Data is used in many levels ranging from the top management to the executives. Executives and theirs decision making capabilities are mostly constrained by information that are insufficient and inaccurate but have the right database and the right datawarehouse and reporting tools to develop and maintain such data has increasingly made executive decision making concise, accurate and on-time. Data is sensitive and critical for organizations and maintaining such data can be difficult and time consuming for companies that are understaffed or short staffed and dependence on consulting services have increased.

At Ztek, we have the talent pool in the BI/DW arena that are not just certified in the tools that they work on but also have the highest experience in the industry’s top Information Technology tools. Our consultants are experienced in BI/DW areas such as Cognos, Business Objects, Crystal reports, Microstrategy, Sql server reporting services Informatica Oracle, Hyperion and AS/400. We at Ztek constantly strive to service our customers with the best talent that are readily available at the right time and mostly available local to the customer.
If you would like to more information about how Ztek Consulting can assist you with your Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing challenges, contact us today!