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Package Application Solutions

Package Application Solutions

Implementing and managing a package solution to ensure that anticipated business benefits are realized and harvested is a complex,? expensive and at times a daunting task. As clients

struggle with reducing and predicting the ongoing package support and maintenance costs, they need to balance business needs and priorities to support business process improvement and deliver sustainable business value.

Ztek’s Package Application Services offers a comprehensive approach that covers all aspects of the entire package life cycle, by providing the optimal resourcing model to ensure business value is delivered during all phases:

Implementation? :? Design, configuration and deployment of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or common-of-the-shelf application to integrate new processes into business operations

Ongoing Management and Operation? :? User support, upgrades, interfaces and reporting to keep the package up-to-date and running

? Extension? :? Add modules, expand into new business areas, and enhance processes by focusing on continuous improvement initiatives to expand the package’s value to business operations

•? Consolidate and Replace? :? Migrate to a standard or centralized package solution to respond to shifts in business requirements, acquisitions and mergers or changes in the software vendor landscape

Ztek Consulting works collaboratively with clients to develop a clearly defined path from design through the ongoing management of their package solution with a focus on the defining, measuring and harvesting the business value. Whether clients are running Oracle e-Business Suites, SAP, PeopleSoft, or other commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications, or some combination of the above, the business will benefit from Ztek Consulting’s total life cycle approach to reduce the package environment’s total cost of ownership.

If you would like more informaotin about how Ztek Consulting can help you with your Packaged Applications needs, Contact us today!