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The Most Common Hiring Mistakes Employers Make (Part 3)

The following is the third in a series of blog posts about the most common hiring mistakes that employers make and some suggestions on how to avoid them.? You can find the previous articles here: Part 1? Part 2 Mistake - Allowing Urgency to win the battle with Common Sense This is probably the most common and, certainly, the most understandable hiring mistake. Most experienced managers have made this mistake, often with good reason. Does this scenario sound familiar? An employee resigns … [Read more...]

Ztek Tips – Handling the Panel Interview

An interview is stressful; you are on display and have to sell yourself as the best candidate for a position in a company. The only thing worse than an interview is the panel interview – when two or more people are asking you questions and watching your every move. This situation may not intimidate everyone, but it is certainly not a comfortable position to be in. The reason for a panel interview is to get the opinion of multiple people at the same time on the viability of a work … [Read more...]

Ztek Tips – Demonstrate Confidence in Your Job Interview

Who isn’t nervous during a job interview? Even the most self-assured candidate is going to have a moment or two of self-doubt. But the trick is to keep this to yourself and portray an image of confidence. This is what a potential employer wants to see if you are not confident in your own abilities why should they be. Here are a few ways to exude confidence. Make eye contact, nothing is more of a dead give away of poor self-confidence than a person that will not look someone in the eye. Walk … [Read more...]