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5 Essential Questions to Ask When Selecting a Staffing and Recruiting Firm

5 Essential Questions to Ask When Selecting a Staffing and Recruiting Firm

Selecting the right finance, accounting or IT Staffing and Recruiting partner can be an arduous task, but it can also make the difference between long-term success and failure for your business.? For those who may be considering their options, here are some essential characteristics to keep in mind.

Do you specialize or are you more of a generalist??

Recruiting and staffing firms come in all shapes and sizes.? Some are more generalist firms, providing a broad range of services that, depending upon their size, may tend to focus more on a particular geographic area.? Others firms may focus on one or more specific roles within the organization, such as finance and accounting or IT.? Much depends upon the size of the firm itself.? Depending upon the number of recruiters within the firm, very often these larger firms will have separate divisions, each focusing on a particular functional area of the business.? A specialist is better able to leverage industry contacts on your behalf and know about desirable job openings.

Do you know what you’re doing?

Recruiting is a business that’s relatively easy to get into, but difficult to carve out a niche, which is why turnover tends to be high.? It should be apparent pretty early on as to how well-defined the particular firm’s processes are.? Pay attention to how well the firm representative has studied your company or your personal background.? What questions did he/she ask and did they seem knowledgeable? ? Recruiters are essentially brokers, and like any good broker, the key to making a successful match is knowledge about the candidates as well as knowledge about the company and its needs.? An effective recruiter will invest the time to get to know your unique skills and career goals.

How long have you been at this?

Identifying candidates is about two things: having an established database to draw from and an effective means for identifying and reaching candidates who aren’t on the market.? Being new doesn’t necessarily mean that the recruiting firm your talking to won’t have these, but few firms will last if they don’t.? Look for an established, reputable organization that is willing to provide references to current clients.? Do your homework and ask around since word-of-mouth is how most good recruiters get their business.

How many opportunities are you working on??

It’s always good to know how busy a firm may be. ? If anything, it’s a good indication of how in-demand the firm’s services are. ? Of course, sometimes job orders being sourced may not be published on the recruiting firm’s job board or website (if they publish on their site at all), so ask if there are other positions that they are working on. ? Know where you stand in the pecking order and how much attention you should expect to receive.

? Do you have a good database of local contacts?

The proliferation of job boards makes it easy to find candidate who reside across the country, but moving them is expensive, assuming they can/want move at all.? Find out if that particular recruiting firm has positions and canddiates in the geographic areas that are of greatest importance to you.


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