Typical Recruiting Funciton and Associated Issues

In - House Team

Employ team as a fixed cost which leads to large cost even when demand is low

External Vendors Used When Demand is High

Fixed base of talent acquisition team doesn’t have the bandwidth to support high demand – cost variability

Considered Back Office Function

Not part of the core business function of an organization

Resources Prioritized to Core Business vs. Talent Acquisition

Organization will prioritize allocating resources to front office core business needs rather than to talent acquisition needs

Why RaaS Works

Talent acquisition is a fundamental driver for businesses growth, but is often treated as a back-office function

Cost Per Hire

Lower cost per hire due to efficiencies in fixed / variable costs

Smooth Costs

Large fixed cost for current talent acquisition team when demand is high, there is a high variable cost

Best Practices

Going to bring the best practices from our experiences to the client


One size doesn't fit all - RPO

Improved Experience

Improvement in recruitment process experience for hiring manager and candidate

How is RaaS Different

Lower cost per hire, better experience and faster turn around time while maintaining flexibility / scalability / customizability

RaaSRPO ModelIn-house Recruiting
Lower Cost per Hire
Cost Predictability
Faster Turn Around Time
RaaS Cost Structure Benefits

More predictability for your cost structure helps you reduce variation in talent acquisition costs,
while reducing the overall cost as well via lower cost per hire

How Your Organization Can Pilot Raas

Client receives a free high-level RaaS assessment

4 weeks

Working together to build bespoke talent acquisition solution for the organization

2 weeks

Ztek proposes differed solutions to the client to implement the ztek raas model

Trial / RaaS implementation
8 weeks

Start initial raas trial on one business division or fully implement raas if ready

Client Success Story


  • Client is a large global professional services firm
  • Has used RaaS for over one year
  • Offer client white-glove service that has been customized for their needs
  • Client wanted to reduce hidden costs in talent acquisition to ultimately reduce cost per hire
  • Goal was to have less variability in organizational cost structure

Relied on agencies for as many as 60% of its global hires. Reduced to 2% Client Success Story

NPS Score:


Cost per Hire:


Turn Around Time:


Interview to Hire Ratio: